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Roman «Door Opener» Kaufman - Co-founder at HOQU and Kaufman Production.

Expert in digital economics and blockchain technology. Roman has over 10 years of expertise in marketing in the largest transcontinental companies. He was among the first to develop Blockchain community in Russia. Founder of the largest blockchain community in Russia and Eastern Europe IBCG, which employs more than 15,000 people.

Co-founder HOQU, the first decentralized affiliate platform, which has successfully finished token sale in January, 2018.

Roman is one of the authorities in blockchain industry and regularly appears at the top blockchain conferences all around the world (London, New-York, Miami, San-Franciso, Washington D. C., Seoul, Berlin, Los-Angeles, Dubai, Singapore).

Kaufman Production keystone – Marketing as an art. Our mission – to help start-ups to make the world better.

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